Comes a let down! Don’t think you got nothing to offer in this world. Everything you know and value means something to you. You have a gift to offer. The treasure no pirate can take away from you. Being afraid of rejection or some other fear is natural. This is our compass pointing North. Feeling uncomfortable is your first step. We are comfort seeking beings no denying that. Start embracing whatever thing you want or need to do. I am telling you the first bite is a bitter step, with the next one going much easier. Successful people are willing to do what is necessary every moment in completing their purpose.  Practise makes perfect, even champions still practice surpassing their own achievements. The only person you must surpass is yourself. Being a champion or a chimp makes no difference. Start today with what you got right now. No excuses! Excuses are cookies making you fat. Don’t eat too much or you’ll vomit over your own crap.

Cheerios guys,



One thought on “With great power…

  1. Yes we are all born with a gift of our own, for us to make use of as well as share it with others for their benefit. We need to realize our own unique gift and become who we are and not a second hand copy of another. Its then that we can shine our own light to the brightest. Love and Light ❤


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