Welcome inside this rabbit-hole! I am very stoked to launch my own blog. Starting this with zero expectations. Kinda with any approach in life. We’ll see where the wind carries this boat on water. I love connecting and sharing to what I think is valuable information hoping we can all benefit from this lion’s share. If you like it already and I am, that would be awesome. Don’t shy away just ask me anything or simply say Hi.

As a quick summary to what you may expect on this blog. Basically the things we all face in live. Psychology, spiritual and philosophy matters are my main topics . Making the best out of life whilst also stripping away all I know and honestly be truthful to the core Being, or the what is.. Doesn’t have a name, but I am sure you’re familiar with the “I am”. If so, GOOD! Then we have stuff in common already. If not, well… simply say Hi!

Cheerios guys,



4 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Hello from me and my name is Deepa. The meaning of the name is light which is enlightenment and I like all about enlightenment. I like your topics and that, the seeker is sought. I too like connecting and sharing, the reason for me to start my own blog. Especially my knowledge on recovery of depression, other issues of mental illness and all about life. So I am in. Thank you for liking my blog too. And I wish you best of luck with yours. Love and Light from me 🙂


    1. Dear Deepa,

      Thank you for your kind words 🙂 I find sharing rather satisfying, instead of keeping it all to myself. Hence I started blogging. What good will any input do if you might die tomorrow? living in the moment is crucial. What’s next is unknown. This too shall pass, is a helping mindset. Nothing last forever. All that ‘is’, is with you now. Everything is perfect! Society is artificial. A name, the ego, is conceptual. We love this lie cause it makes us forget what we “are”. The seeker is the sought. The only real thing that’s worth it is to look within our self. People are afraid of what they might discover. That the identity to which they always believed was “them” *a collection of stories, memories, feelings and associations), is not what they are. We all want to be socially accepted one way or the other. That’s why we all protect our identity. Which is somewhat understandable. We are connection creatures after all. That’s why I simply love sharing. I care less about my ego. Not going to brag I am a superstar or wonder boy. That’s just behavior looking for approval.

      Enjoy your blogging as well!

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