We’ve all heard to drink a certain glasses of water each day is important for your health. Is a gallon of water not too crazy?

No, in fact drinking a gallon of water each day shows stunning results.

True… Your toilet runs over-hours. It’s been proven to results amazing health benefits. Here is why visiting your toilet it worth the time.

1.Your guardian against overeating

You drink so much, even if your not thirsty, that in doing so water replenishes your hunger. Ever feel the need for a snack? Drink water!

2.Removes acne and other filth

Plenty of water removes the toxic from your body. Less sickness, more healthy. Plus water is free!

3.No dehydrating

Except for the many toilet visits you’ll do it’s helping your body not to hydrate. Remember always stay hydrated.

4.Glowing skin!

No more make up ladies. Water is all you need.

5.Smooth digesting

Drinking lots of water even replaces your need for coffee. Wow!

6.Strenght, energie and endurance

Your performance multiplies by a crazy amount simply by drinking water. A corny commercial line, but it’s actually true!

7.Its cheap! Actually free withing your reach!

Have reusable empty bottles of water next to your office or bed, wherever you are. Refill it, Keep drinking, you can’t drink enough. A gallon is ALOT!

There you have it. These are common health benefits simply by drinking more water. Overdo it for all you care. See the results within 30 days. You’ll be amazed ,trust me.


20 thoughts on “Montly water challenge: Drink one gallon each day

      1. Is that sooooo!!!??? Ok what if like, I’m hanging from a cliff clinging to life or death and all I can think about is going to pee (don’t ask what the hell I’m doing hanging from a cliff I just am ok) ? Huh huh huh!!!! Lol

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