Most men make the error of thinking that one day it will be done. They think, “if I can work enough, then one day I could rest.”Or, “One day my woman will understand something and she will stop complaining.”Or, “I’m only doing this now so that one day I can do what I really want in my life.”

The masculine error is to think that eventually things will be different in some fundamental way. They won’t. It never ends. As long as life continues, the creative challenge is to tussle, play, and make love with the present moment while giving your unique gift.

In David Deidas The Way of the Superior Man this is the first and I think the most important part to realize. We make up tons of thoughts. Crazy dreams but how many are actually real? Not many. You’d be shocked by the discovery that you don’t, or can’t do it; that in fact your fantasy of your future life is simply a fantasy. Most postponements are excuses for a lack of creative discipline.

About 80% of humanity would spend time on this someday isle. They lack the responsibility in living for them self by rather  shoving needs and duties further away. Who stays on someday isle? Other someday people who constantly share excuses with one another. Often for an escape of pain or simply a lack of responsibility and discipline. They find comfort in simply existing, but are they really alive? No. They have no clear purpose whatsoever guiding their life. One action anyone could take whenever they find them self making excuses is by simply saying firmly to yourself “I am responsible!.” I’m responsible, cause no other is living “your” life.

So guys; I am responsible. Keep that in mind. Follow it up with immediate action. So take action starting now!




6 thoughts on “Stop hoping for a completion of anything in life

  1. Hi Stephan,
    For a long time I was puzzled by why people seem to go along without seeking purpose or meaning in their lives, and I would compare myself and feel the odd one out, a faulty outsider, because I wasn’t getting much satisafction from what I call ‘mainstream’ living. Yes, excuses abound, and blaming others too. We are, as you say, all responsible for ourselves, and it’s what we do with what we’re given in life that counts, moment by moment, we always have choice.
    (and I love the pictures on your site, by the way)

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    1. Dear Lynne,
      Thank you! You know, the majority does that and a few actually realize it. We often feel immortal till something terrible happens. Whether it’s losing your job or losing someone very close to you. Or whether you’re procrastinating, taking things for granted, it doesn’t matter. A rich person may be extremely unhappy cause he gets bored easily. He has no purpose. Whilst the poor don’t complain and simply do what must be done to maintain their self. The poor knows what it wants our of necessity. Life is granted with big opportunities everyday! This sounds cliche, it is true once you stay in the present moment. With the mindset of being 100% responsible: Finance, Work, Health, Relations.

      You and I are already perfect. Within any moment you can change the course of life. You got to be willing to do it. A purpose is often vague, but once you just start with anything all the dots will connect slowly.

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