We all want to be happy. Distracting our self with the daily activities: school, work, watch tv, checking facebook/twitter/instagram/snapchat/your mailbox, talk talk talk.

Reality check: How much time do you spend in fantasy world? For instance, the checkbox on facebook says “what’s on your mind?” or twitter “what’s happening?”. People drop what they “think” they wanna do, did, or imagine about. In reality you’re staring at a screen not doing anything.

Action speaks for itself, words come and go. again, how much of your time is wasted on such distractions rather than actually putting up the work?

It’s the ego. Ego is the enemy. A dying man may feel the ultimate peace and joy by realizing he got “nothing to lose”. A successful person living at the top-floor of a high building might see his apartment go up in flames as all his belongings burn to ashes. In Fight club there is a quote:

“The things you own end up owning you”. – Fight club

You don’t need a damn thing! Happiness is ALREADY with you. Don’t worry about losing everything. You basically let go of all the possessed assumption you thought was yours. Without the energy completion of all those assumptions, you’re living openly. Transparent  as in freshly born everyday. Taking your first breath when you did as a baby. Exhale it out accepting it’s fine, none of your concern.

“It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything.” – Fight club




9 thoughts on “Happy

    1. Thanks Luca! Gave me an ego boost 😉 It’s the same with people taking selfies lol. You see what “they” want you to see. Reality is different. Especially if people look goofy posing for like 10 sec. looking weird at a camera. Then their faces drop to a normal state like nothing ever happened.

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  1. Love your comment on taking selfies. My sister and I tried it on holiday, she was the one who wanted to, it was so uncomfortable because we were trying to get on, and not really succeeding (better now though, used the experience to move forward together). Yes, so much ego driven stuff, and you have to lose attachmnts to find the you beneath the ego.
    What a powerful thing the ego is!

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    1. Yeah, and the thing is you can’t even fight it. Simply love it. Play around with it. Accepting what is it, nothing is real. You can imagine anything you want that’s the beauty. But realize it’s often a fantasy and not a thing occurring presently, in the now. Never take yourself serious and forgive others who don’t know. Well that’s my experience, tell me about yours Lynn?


  2. Abso-bloody-lutely!
    This is like an encouragement of my plan of action for my life. It helps when doubt creeps in. Thank you. 🙂
    I was thinking the other day why I stopped seeing my psychologist almost 15 years ago. It took awhile. Repression must have happened. Lol! I finally remembered that the result of my discussions with close friends at that time favored retail therapy. It was something like: “At least I can see where the money went when I open my closet.” Not very wise. I’m going back to counseling. I might still get a pair of Jimmy Choo but not at the expense of proper healing. 🙂

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