To know everything, you must give up everything. What’s left? Nothing, simple. How can that be?

Certainly the ego wouldn’t be satisfied. In fact, it’s the ego with the problem of finding enlightenment. When in fact you already ARE enlightenment. You are enough.

Are you willing to examine that out yourself?

Let’s look at the ego. It’s a collection of stories tied to an identity called … ( your name). At birth you’re a nobody except a name. At death you’re a no-body. In between rests stories.

Are you still the child you were back then? Hmm… clearly not,that child is dead, history. What’s left? Memories, stories. Sure you are not exactly that child, but others may recognize you as that kid cause they have memories thinking about you.

The beauty of life isn’t the face that we live, it’s the fact everything comes to an end. If you were immortal life would be boring.

Memento mori: Remember your mortality  

You value life cause you know at some point life’s party is gonna end. Same as the year 2016 in a few more hours.

Basically, contemplate all the above. Where do your thoughts come from? Who beats the heart? When is your next inhalation? (inhale the life, exhale to kill it). Notice how you sit or stand. Shoulders back, back straight. Relax your body. Breath down the lower spine en belly area.

Try it out for 10 min. Doesn’t have to take that long. Secondly, what helps is simply writing about it like I do, and wonder with the utmost of curiosity what is “real” to any questions. Dig out yourself, only you can do it, not me or Santa Claus, you do the work.  Comment me about it how well it goes. I’d love to know!

Happy new year lovely people!




11 thoughts on “To know everything, give up everything.

  1. I can’t see any beauty in life ending. My grandson died 5 years ago when he was 21. The only beauty there is that when Jesus returns he will raise him up from death. I have that belief in my heart. I know I will see my beloved grandson again.

    I would suppose you don’t believe this, and that’s fine. We all have the freedom and right to believe what we wish. But I wish you would take a chance on Jesus. Just give him one month of your life and see what happens. You can always turn around and walk away. The Bible even says, “Taste, and see that the Lord is good.” Believe me, heaven won’t be boring. If I see you there, maybe we could climb a mountain with my grandson.


  2. Breath is basic. All too often, I forget to return my focus to it, to sit and breathe. It’s a good way to try to slow down the ever active mind, which we can almost never turn off. Yes, I agree, the ego is at the root of many of our problems, but as you suggest, we can learn to step outside it, to not let it run so rampant. Among others, I think it was Mozart who described death as the great perfecter. It’s not easy, it leaves us with a profound sense of loss, yet it is real and a necessary part of mortality. And, it can help focus us on the essentials in life.

    Great post, gave rise to these ramblings! Thanks, and thanks for posting it as we enter another year.

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  3. Give up everything?
    What on earth does that mean?
    It could mean my subscription
    To the Ape Quarterly!
    I just don’t get this, Inka!
    I’m number 1, I’m ready like now
    So why the big mystery?

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