Blog update:

Hey you lovely people,

Nothing serious. From today on I’ll commit myself to post at least once within 2 weeks. In case I slack off too much 😛 I know people like my content one way or the other. I love connecting with people. If my content helps at least one person, my mission is already fulfilled.

I love sharing. It empties my cup, leaving it all out in the open for you guys. Till it’s filled with another telltale story I’d happily share back at ya. Hope you all appreciate it. Comments are welcome. I won’t judge, simply listen. I respect everyone’s opinions. If you feel like it, tell me something about your blog in the comments. I am curious about you guys 🙂

On a sidenote: Post suggestions and questions are welcome!






17 thoughts on “Blog update:

  1. Me too, happy to hear. You do some meaty/insightful and very valuable topics and it’s a case of quality rather than quantity with you – I couldn’t do more than one blog a week, and that’s me relatively new to it. So, good going!

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    1. Yeah thanks! I started blogging enthusiastically after a month the blog came out. especially when I noticed a growing connection with more people. Sometimes work and other stuff occupied most my time, so I slowly neglected this blog. I realized talking to people like I do with you, a whole new world opened up. It’s something I can’t “ignore” cause I don’t feel like it. There may always be helpful content that puts a smile on 1 or many faces. That became my purpose here. Plus there remains less shit in my head. A win-win when I ventilate it out and someone actually finds it helpful in someway.


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