Hey you lovely people,

Today’s topic is about none other than the end of your time. Death awareness, as the title says. This may seem dark or scary. It’s true that death is the ultimate boogieman people look away from. Often this self realization alone may let a person’s worries instantly go. Fear freezes people, yet the remedy is to look at it and let the fear go.

But talking about death is simply a start. The only 2 worthwhile things in life I think are the moment you were born and the moment you know why you’re here. That means know your life purpose. Without any purpose you’d wander the world drifting away. Day’s fly by automatically.

The reason I came up with this topic was the following: Which death would you prefer: A slow and unforeseen death or a quick one knowing you won’t live for long?

If I put a gun to your head and demand within 5 sec to tell me your life purpose you’d instantly know. This is one beneficial result death awareness offers. It eliminates all the bullsh*t and you’d almost immediately have the answer. A slow and unforeseen death I’d recon is the sum total of days you never fully lived with.

Let this message be a warning shot. I hope ya dig it 😉



10 thoughts on “Memento mori

  1. Actually i would rather welcome the concept of it. To be rid of all the things good and bad person goes and gone through, and say “go ahead make my day”. Coz at least youd know in an instant the real deal of “letting go”.

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      1. Initially, I immediately thought of material stuff achieved, success according to the “world” but no, not more than anything… my answer will be ‘that I’m considered a friend and somehow, I made a difference for the better, no matter how small, in a person’s life.

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  2. I grew up wanting to die. My father sexually abused me. Life was heavy and unwanted for me. Well, I’m 67 now. I always thought I would die young. I was surprised when I hit 34. Lol. What is my purpose in life? To be so close to God that his love shines through me all the time.

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    1. I can’t imagine the enormous pain you suffered. After a harsh Winter comes Spring, where the flowers bloom and birds start singing. Glad you found your purpose 🙂 I will learn from your experience to never give up!

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  3. I don’t think or feel that I’m afraid of dying, I’d go for the quick route, and I’ve made my will, and outlined my funeral type – its actually a liberating thing to do. But loving being alive most of the time. Purpose for me is to carry on writing, painting, learning, and sharing myself with others.

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