Try exploring the subconscious mind. Notice it isn’t any different than that of our primal ancestors around 10.000 B.C. The only change is in our society.

Your subconscious mind is a survival mechanism. Signalling us when to eat, pee or sleep, the subconscious all take care of that. We learn that the touch of a flame burns and hurts. If we see others in pain, we mirror their reflection onto our self to “not touch, not fight (thus Flighting). It’s core purpose resolves around Fighting or Flighting.

Imagine living around 10.000 B.C. A wild sabretooth tiger approaches. Whilst you see the sharp claws, long teeth and it’s hungry eyes, your body freezes in the moment. Adrenaline kicks in. You know fist fighting the cat is suicide. Luckily you know running is The Only Option, so you find a place to stay out of it’s reach till it leaves.


Your fears are sabretooth sized boogiemen. 90% of all times we miss plentiful opportunities in life. Such a waste NEVER doing the things you love, leaving regret behind which is worse than a sabretooth kitty.

Our Flight option is overused. Which is Okay! If you’re reading this, your choices didn’t kill you 😛 Sounds dramatic huh.. Guess in today’s society “kill” means never lived to your full potential.

Fight More! Leave no Escape option behind, Burn the Boats. Go for gold. It’s hard, so is life! The easy way is escaping whether you’re addicted on something or procrastinating, escape is all the same. Eat or be eaten. We cannot always escape our problems. Captain Ahab hunted Moby Dick eradicating peoples worst nightmare. Spartan children abandoned home at early age surviving the hash nature till they were 16yrs old. When they returned, and only “If” they returned alive, these young men became warriors.

“You Need a Commitment Strategy, NOT an Exit Strategy.”




3 thoughts on “Fight or Flight? The Solution: Burn the Boats (2 min read)

  1. I so love this post. Spot on, Stephan. You have me thinking now. How many times did I flee when I could have fought? Hmm… I’m quite adventurous yet I know that I have cowered more than I should have.

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