It’s 2018! New year, new surprises! Stop dwelling and start living!


What do you honestly love to do? Yesterdays excuse isn’t today’s excuse and tomorrow remains uncertain. Nothing stops you!

Ignite that inner-fire by trying over and over again until you get into a flow-state. Humans are creatures of habits. Make use of habits!

Personal growth is simply mind over matter: You’re most likely not a kid. That kid is long gone. Nobody can stop aging process. Even when time is wasted in some life-areas, life goes on. Take responsibility! It’s the key to winning! Hold back the sands of time. I’ve seen old people who look like they’re in their 20’s and some people in their 20’s complaining like a cranky grandma/grandpa.

A challenge for you and myself: Do what you love to do for 1 hour everyday. Put every distraction out of reach (shut any devices off). Focus entirely on 1 thing within that hour and everything else falls into place. Witness the birth of something awesome! Give it a go for 1 week to see if you’re getting into a flow-state.

Feedback and comments appreciated!


5 thoughts on “It’s 2018! New year, new surprises! Stop dwelling and start living!

  1. I am an advocate of living life to the fullest and doing what I love. I please me before another. A happier me can share with and love others more. 😃 Luckily for me, I even love my work now, as opposed to the job I held the last 4 years.

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  2. I can’t do that because what I lke to do requires all day. 😉 However, make up for it on a weekend, and do my hiking escapades where I get to do all the things I like in one trip: reading, enjoying the scenery, the excersize I get, and peace of mind of being alone ( with my dog) and refocus and meditate.

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