photoWhat’s the meaning of life? It’s simple… It’s just simple! The LIfE we know is a collection of memories glued together with sensational triggers (smell, eyesight, sound etc.) attached to an identity known as the ego. Wait! What’s with that weird typo? Your a clever sausage  for spotting that mistake… but LIfE was written  on purpose. The ego life is a LIE. Societies demands reinforces our ego on being more noticeable, more alive, more existing… nobody wants to be alone.

Can you imagine living in today’s world with no name, no family, friends or any work? Paradoxically, this is exactly the only place to find this thing called enlightenment. I am not saying to quit all of that! You got to look past through those obvious life factors. Effortless forces of nature are at place; a place of no desire, of no resistance, no judging, no naming. Look further now, what is beating your heart and thinking your thoughts? Who does your breathing? Is it the ego that learned all of that? Nope, all of this started for you at birth. Before you were giving a name. Is life or death even a thing then? If life is a lie, death must seem meaningless as well. Are you truly alive or simply existing?

At least one of the three attitudes are in my experience required. Those experiences are extreme stubbornness, intense curiosity and an open minded wondering. Questioning can be a very profound tool in discovering the Truth. What are You?

Be willing to look inside yourself, not leeching off from guru/teacher type of people. Those people simply deliver a message, but it’s just a message. YOU are already perfect. My journey has come for me to start a blog. I don’t know how it’ll progress. If it helps at least one or two people then I am satisfied nonetheless. This is not about me by the way. I am simply putting my own sharing off my chest just for you the reader. I simply let go of my experiences and imagine if it may even give you at least a little direction on your own journey, then I’ve done my purpose here. I guess sharing is part of human nature.

My focus is going to be on one thing only: The Truth. The “being”that is You. You, me, everything is simply what is… There is nothing mysterious about Truth. Their is no secret or quick guide helping you to be. Truth is simple: It is, and that’s enough.

Be in the present, be with it now. There is no other aliveness other than what is, at this precious here and now. Your only true job in life is the discovery of ‘no self’. That means not the ego, but the Self: Your being. Which is universally all around. Align your short live contemplating “What is”. Every other humanly experience is secondary.

I am very open minded so feel free to share some of your stories. I want to hear some of your life digging stories and experiences.

Ending with the best quote in my discovery:

“Your own Self-Realization is the greatest service you can render the world.”

Ramana Maharshi