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Hey you lovely people,

Nothing serious. From today on I’ll commit myself to post at least once within 2 weeks. In case I slack off too much 😛 I know people like my content one way or the other. I love connecting with people. If my content helps at least one person, my mission is already fulfilled.

I love sharing. It empties my cup, leaving it all out in the open for you guys. Till it’s filled with another telltale story I’d happily share back at ya. Hope you all appreciate it. Comments are welcome. I won’t judge, simply listen. I respect everyone’s opinions. If you feel like it, tell me something about your blog in the comments. I am curious about you guys 🙂

On a sidenote: Post suggestions and questions are welcome!





Be the best version of yourself everyday

Ask yourself: What would the best version of me be doing now?

Ask it every morning, afternoon and evening. Try it for a few days. It helps maintaining those new year resolutions 😉 We constantly live by habits. Determine for yourself which of these habits needs improvement or to be absolutely replaced by a higher quality habit.

An example: Your alarm goes off. How many minutes will it take for you to get out of bed? What sort of habits do you use to start of any regular day? Do you immediately make coffee or go to the bathroom first?

These are subtle habits, but strongly rooted into your system. Unless something exciting or nerve wreaking happens the other day, you’d probably use the same habits over and over again from start to the end of any day.

For the new year resolutions  guru’s, one might want to lose a few pounds or gain extra muscle. First of all, you know it’s gonna suck. Plus you know as well as any other that in order to get something done, leave the old useless habits behind and be open to live up to new ones.

This is why I strongly recommend trying the 30 day ice cold shower challenge. Simply stay 1 till 3 minutes under bone chilling cold water. You might say: This dude is on crack!

Well, not crack, just an ego slaying warrior. You may call yourself that when you succeed with the challenge. Cause, hardly anybody would do it. It’s so “un”comfortable that you call it crazy. But it’s even crazier not taking action to accomplish the goals that you want! It leaves regret behind, trust me… that is worse!

The cold shower challenge builds a tough habit in you. Stepping inside pouring cold water, with no hesitation requires guts. This kind of guts is a strong motivator for turning you into the best version of yourself, in any situation.

That’s my piece of advice for this new year. Happy 2017!



To know everything, give up everything.

To know everything, you must give up everything. What’s left? Nothing, simple. How can that be?

Certainly the ego wouldn’t be satisfied. In fact, it’s the ego with the problem of finding enlightenment. When in fact you already ARE enlightenment. You are enough.

Are you willing to examine that out yourself?

Let’s look at the ego. It’s a collection of stories tied to an identity called … ( your name). At birth you’re a nobody except a name. At death you’re a no-body. In between rests stories.

Are you still the child you were back then? Hmm… clearly not,that child is dead, history. What’s left? Memories, stories. Sure you are not exactly that child, but others may recognize you as that kid cause they have memories thinking about you.

The beauty of life isn’t the face that we live, it’s the fact everything comes to an end. If you were immortal life would be boring.

Memento mori: Remember your mortality  

You value life cause you know at some point life’s party is gonna end. Same as the year 2016 in a few more hours.

Basically, contemplate all the above. Where do your thoughts come from? Who beats the heart? When is your next inhalation? (inhale the life, exhale to kill it). Notice how you sit or stand. Shoulders back, back straight. Relax your body. Breath down the lower spine en belly area.

Try it out for 10 min. Doesn’t have to take that long. Secondly, what helps is simply writing about it like I do, and wonder with the utmost of curiosity what is “real” to any questions. Dig out yourself, only you can do it, not me or Santa Claus, you do the work.  Comment me about it how well it goes. I’d love to know!

Happy new year lovely people!




We all want to be happy. Distracting our self with the daily activities: school, work, watch tv, checking facebook/twitter/instagram/snapchat/your mailbox, talk talk talk.

Reality check: How much time do you spend in fantasy world? For instance, the checkbox on facebook says “what’s on your mind?” or twitter “what’s happening?”. People drop what they “think” they wanna do, did, or imagine about. In reality you’re staring at a screen not doing anything.

Action speaks for itself, words come and go. again, how much of your time is wasted on such distractions rather than actually putting up the work?

It’s the ego. Ego is the enemy. A dying man may feel the ultimate peace and joy by realizing he got “nothing to lose”. A successful person living at the top-floor of a high building might see his apartment go up in flames as all his belongings burn to ashes. In Fight club there is a quote:

“The things you own end up owning you”. – Fight club

You don’t need a damn thing! Happiness is ALREADY with you. Don’t worry about losing everything. You basically let go of all the possessed assumption you thought was yours. Without the energy completion of all those assumptions, you’re living openly. Transparent  as in freshly born everyday. Taking your first breath when you did as a baby. Exhale it out accepting it’s fine, none of your concern.

“It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything.” – Fight club



Praise your woman

Inspired by David Deida, The way of the superior man

The masculine loves a good challenge, whereas the feminine grows by praise. A man must be unabashed an expressed in his appreciation for his woman. Praise her freely.

Think about it. Boys may challenge other boys to do something daring. Guys grow by challenges. Same with any sports for instance. It’s a masculine trait to own the opposing team via scoring the highest points. Someone with a feminine aspect, usually woman, want nothing but to be loved, have fun, feel appreciated. They are the flowers in your garden that the masculine person must water from time to time. You don’t want to weed your garden due to a crap relationship with your woman or the world.

Guys analyse  their situation and are problem solvers. You might have a troublesome boss and you decide to finally step up to him and tell what’s on your mind. Decision making comes from masculinity. What I’ve learned is that you are responsible for anything. Your thoughts and actions are in your own responsive control, anything external is the other response. Two responses are constantly presence. If you manage to distinct external from the internal, simply by saying “it’s fine, none of my concern”, you can free yourself from unnecessary external responses you have no control of.

Masculine people need to realize that analyzing the feminine is the same as trying to control someone or something external, which is not in YOUR control. Tell your woman “you’re so beautiful when you smile”, or “I love the shape of your body.” Praise her daily, and often. Appreciate the lifetime  spend together, whether it’s your woman, your job, or anything.